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Residential Charging Stations

Residential EV charging stations come in many shapes, sizes and capabilities. Charging stations are catagorized by their power output (watts, volts, etc) which affects the time it takes for your vehicle to fully charge. Charging times vary depending on the size of your cars battery. We offer several options for residential chargers, and our consultants are available to help you choose the right one to fit your needs.
  • Level 1 (120v) Charging Stations
  • Level 2 (240v) Charging Stations


Public EV charging stations require fast charging, in order to facilitate short but worthwhile charging stops. As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow,  more and more electric vehicle charging stations will be necessary in our area. Having a public EV Charging station will add value to your business. Customers are more likely to shop while they wait for their charge to complete. We offer expert 

  • High charging speed
    up to 48A / 11.5kW
  • UL certified & energy efficient
    UL, cUL &Energy Star certified
  • Universally Compatible with all-electric vehicle models
  • Attract customers to your business!